Mameve Medwed
The End of an Error

  • 2003
  • Grand Central (First Edition)
  • ISBN: 0446530794


  • Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, iBook
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The End of an Error

Lee Emery has never forgotten Simon, the boy who stole her heart when she was eighteen and traipsing through Europe with her globe-trotting, eccentric grandmother. But that was twenty-five years ago. Since then she has been contentedly married to the man whose wide shoulders and unwavering affection were never more than a room away. Though her three children are leaving the nest, she's hunkering down in it—in the very house where she grew up, where her parents' bird books fill the shelves, where her job at the local college is a mile from her front door. Where everything is familiar and safe.

Or so she once thought.

After publishing Mainely Marguerite, a memoir of her grandmother that describes Lee's midsummer night's madness of first love, all the moorings of hearth and home start to shake loose. Questioning all her comfortable assumptions, she acts on an impulse and sets off a chain of events that catapults her back to Europe and to the second chance she may not want—or dare—to take.

Perhaps she's not the good Maine solid citizen she always imagined herself to be.

Perhaps she's more like her grandmother than she had believed possible.

Praise for The End of an Error

"A provocative and funny story about a woman still enthralled by her first love." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Do marriage vows trump true love? This...enjoyable tale offers one possible answer." Library Journal

"Medwed...has a gift for descriptive detail, finding pathos and humor in the stuff of everyday life. The End of an Error is...engaging. The ending...leaves the door open for whatever may come next." The Boston Globe

"The book underscores a poignant dilemma...Medwed's specialty lies in the delicious mischief...and the intimate liveliness she brings to her characters." Improper Bostonian

"This is an intriguing look at middle age with empty nest beckoning and the past feeling more like a positive nostalgia trip...Lee is a fabulous protagonist," Midwest Book Review

"Lusting women will bond with this novel's heroine who considers leaving her family for a world of impulse and romance." Glamour

"Medwed's writing is superb, as are her observations of the human condition and the intricacies of married relationships." The Pilot

"The author is a practiced hand at enjoyable read that could provoke both smiles and tears." Publishers Weekly

"This witty and diverting, even enchanting, look at middle age should make Medwed a household name." Booklist

"...Mameve Medwed's addictive story told with precision, wit and grace...the best-ever dance down the road not taken." Elinor Lipman, author of The Dearly Departed and The Inn at Lake Devine

"Outrageously funny with warmth and humanity...Medwed at her best." Anita Shreve, author of Sea Glass, The Pilot's Wife and The Weight of Water

"...warm and vivid, and as full of delightful surprises as Marguerite herself. Stephen McCauley, author of True Enough and The Object of My Affection

"In these engrossing characters...Medwed has achieved her finest work yet...a pure delight to read." Arthur Golden, author of Memoirs of a Geisha