Mameve Medwed

  • 1997
  • Grand Central (First Edition)
  • ISBN: 0446520888


  • Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, Kindle, iBook
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Katinka O'Toole has discovered that a degree from Harvard does not always lead to fame and fortune. Divorced and struggling to make a living as a writer, the highlight of her day has become the arrival of the mail. Or, more precisely, the mailman. Yes, she hopes for an acceptance letter, but she also has a fierce crush on Louie Capetti, her gorgeous postal carrier, who she hopes will carry her away to romantic bliss. So while she has taken to receiving her mail in "discount Dior," she also has to deal with her pretentious ex-husband (a noted Joycean scholar), her class-conscious mother, the unwanted affections of a corporate lawyer, and various other roadblocks to true love that plague smart women in today's society.

Praise for Mail

" off the wall send-up of the take-charge-of your-life novel." The New York Times

"Beneath all the wisecracking, there's a lot of simmering waiting to boil over" Detroit News

"Medwed's talent is in the details..she's also equally adept at small poignancies and manages to keep the writer guessing. Nice delivery." Publishers Weekly

"Medwed's writing is seductive and meaningful..a bundle of comic relief." West Coast Review of Books

"Wonderfully funny tale of love and lust...great fun." Kirkus Reviews

"A must-read." Mademoiselle

"Witty...a sharp and hilarious novel." Abilene Reporter News

"A witty look at love, sex, class, family, home...a genuinely funny romance." Bangor Daily News

"Anyone who has ever wielded pen in pursuit of a career as a professional writer will be able to identify with Katinka O'Toole, the bright and witty heroine of Medwed's debut novel, a frothy romantic comedy... Medwed's talent is in the details, and there's a particularly funny ongoing bit involving a sack of flour that's supposed to teach a child the responsibilities of single parenting. She's also equally adept at small poignancies and manages to keep the reader guessing as to where if not why Katinka's affections will finally alight. Nice delivery." Publishers Weekly

"Learning the difference between love and lust, between what's important to a relationship and what can be overlooked, is the subject of this promising first novel. [Medwed] has created an appealing heroine. Readers will find themselves rooting for Katinka to make the right choices and find happiness. A promising first novel." Library Journal

"The postman doesn't have to ring twice in this wonderfully funny tale of love and lust between a struggling writer and the mailman who delivers her rejected manuscripts. Told in comical, mile-a-minute prose, Katinka's good fortune transforms into a series of dilemma...By the end, all problems are solved, though to Medwed's credit quite unpredictably, reinforcing a droll but biting realism." Kirkus Reviews

"A treasure...loved the writing class; wish I had such a mailman, rejoice at not having such an ex-husband. If novels can't be Tolstoy, they'd better be this." Fay Weldon, author of The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, Mantrapped and Wicked Woman

"A novel of wit and optimism. Mail is a spirited, delightful read." Meg Wolitzer, author of Surrender, Dorothy, The Position and The Wife

"A delicious witty first novel...Mameve Medwed writes with such insight about romantic and literary yearnings that many readers will surely suspect her of eavesdropping on their own lives." Margot Livesey, author of Eva Moves the Furniture, Criminals and Banishing Verona

"Mail is so rich in character and detail and humor it should be insured." Suzanne Strempek Shea, author of Around Again, Becoming Finola and Lily of the Valley