Mameve Medwed
Host Family

  • 2000
  • Grand Central (First Edition)
  • ISBN: 0446521663


  • Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, iBook
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Host Family

Daisy Lewis still wears jeans and sneakers, even though her son is a Harvard freshman. His departure for college less than a mile away turns the empty nest into a gaping hole. Henry, her husband, starts calling himself Henri and sprinkling his conversation with au contraire and mais oui. As for L'amour? Their once rumpled sheets are flat and cold.

Daisy should have seen "it" coming. In a dispirited dive of a Japanese restaurant, Henry drops the news like a bit of rice off his chopstick: Their marriage is over. Kaput. Fini. Their model host family is anything but.

Then, under surprising circumstances, Daisy meets Truman Wolfe, a Harvard parasitologist. Gradually, she starts to feel grounded again...until another international student lands on her doorstep and sets things ricocheting once more. Soon the relationships between Truman and Daisy, her son, his daughter, and their extended Harvard community are splitting apart and coming together in all sorts of symbiotic combinations that will challenge everything they believe about the meaning of family and the meaning of love.

Praise for Host Family

"A cuttingly funny yet heartwarming tale full of hilarious twists and practical wisdom." Publishers Weekly

"A penetrating look at the different forms that the family takes...It's the gentle humor, delivered with subtle grace, that makes this book an enjoyable read." Denver Post

"A clever romance full of warm and wry touches...Returning to the ever-eclectic People's Republic of Cambridge, the scene of her successful debut, Mail, Medwed spins a similarly funny tale of romantic entanglements and divided loyalties as a woman struggles with starting over." Kirkus Reviews

"A charming read for which Medwed's fans will most likely be waiting in line." Library Journal

"Shamelessly charming." The Boston Globe

"An entertaining, witty look at the wacky world of modern American relationships...filled with twists and turns...a bubbling story line." Midwest Book Review

"A witty joyous novel about modern love." Sullivan County Democrat

"Similar to Anne Tyler in her exposure of how individuals living boring but comfortable lives cope with being thrown out of their rut. Medwed has written a novel that is both funny and warming." Oxford Times

"A book that manages to be both savagely funny and enormously warm and charming. Readers everywhere will be nodding their heads and chuckling to themselves with recognition. A delicious read!" Anita Shreve, author of The Pilot's Wife and Fortune's Rocks

"An absolute delight from beginning to end. Hats off to Mameve Medwed! Her wicked wit and endearing charm grace each and every page. I don't know when I have laughed so loud and so long." Jill McCorkle, author of Final Vinyl Days and Crash Diet

"Medwed finds the joy and humor that exist beside our heartbreak and sorrow...Host Family is a testimony to that hodgepodge of emotion that makes up the human condition. I loved this book!" Ann Hood, author of Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine and Ruby

"You'll care about these people, you'll laugh—you're in for a real treat." Lorna Landvik, author of Patty Jane's House of Curl and The Tall Pine Polka

"A funny, buoyant, good-hearted novel about modern love and the complicated, sometimes exotic accommodations people make for it." Suzanne Berne, author of A Crime in the Neighborhood

"Just as English clubs belong to P.G. Wodehouse, Cambridge belongs to Mameve Medwed. Find yourself an easy chair and settle in with the warm and witty Host Family for a complete delight." Arthur Golden, author of Memoirs of a Geisha