Mameve Medwed

Minus Me, a novel

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The long-anticipated new novel from the author of Mail, The End of an Error, How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life, and Of Men and Their Mothers.

Is there such a thing as a truly charmed life? When a small-town Maine woman's life is turned upside down by a mortal challenge, her own happiness and sanity are put to the ultimate test.

Minus Me is a poignant, deliciously hilarious novel about the bonds of marriage, the burdens of maternal love, and the courage to face mortality.

Praise for Minus Me

"Medwed's lovely novel of marriage, motherhood, love and loss is so real that at times it feels like non-fiction. It's a timely reminder that in the worst of times, we sometimes rediscover the very best of ourselves." Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of A Spark of Light

"Medwed's known for her delicious wit, and here she's brilliantly crafted a profoundly warm and intimate novel about what it means to try to manage the tumult in our life—and the life of a loved one. In her trademark sparkling prose, Medwed shows us how sometimes our best made plans (and manuals) meant to get us where we’re sure we want to go can actually derail us from our best selves and the very route we actually need to travel instead. Sprightly and absolutely delightful with an ending readers will cherish." Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

"Minus Me is a charming and hopeful story about love and destiny...about the family you have and the family you choose in the mouth-watering milieu of a gourmet sandwich shop. It transported me to beautiful Passamaquoddy, Maine, a place I very much loved being in and gave me characters in Annie, Sam and Ursula who I loved spending time with. A perfect read to escape the world." Miriam Parker, author of The Shortest Way Home

"Such a sharp eye, wry voice, and warm heart at work here! Annie’s plight kept me reading hungrily: Will her many fears be realized? Will "in sickness and in health" be tested? Has there ever been a more entertaining drama queen of a mother? So much to love! Minus Me is vintage Medwed: smart, funny-quirky, and so very satisfying." Elinor Lipman, author of Good Riddance and On Turpentine Lane

"Minus Me is a smart, touching comedy of manners about a loving marriage, an impossible mother, and an iconic salami sandwich, Mameve Medwed writes with heart and charm, warmth and wisdom. She knows how to evoke laughter and tears, balance the joys and the challenges of the complicated relationships she describes, and bring to life an entire Maine town—snowy and welcoming—that you'll hate to leave. Fans of Medwed's previous novels and newcomers to her work will eat it up as greedibly as they would a Paul Bunyan sandwich." Stephen McCauley, author of My Ex-Life